Frequently Asked Questions

 What can I expect when starting therapy services?

  • We will start with a free phone consultation to determine if we are a good fit for starting therapy services. This will also give you time to ask questions about the process, and I can share information about policies and what to expect. 
  • After the phone consultation, we will schedule our first appointment. The first few sessions are typically dedicated to determining what issues may be occurring and how I can best help you and your child. By the end of the first few sessions, we will collaborate to decide what the best goals for treatment will be and how we will approach them. This also allows time for me to get to know you and your family prior to starting treatment. 
  • Therapy services will vary in terms of length of treatment, number of sessions, etc. depending on what our treatment goals are. Therapy may consist of sessions with your child, parents/caregivers, or a combination. We will discuss who may be involved, if needed, in the beginning of treatment.
  • As goals are achieved and you and your child see improvements, we can develop additional goals, as appropriate, or work towards ending treatment. We will work together to help everyone prepare for the end of treatment as well.

What can I expect when starting an assessment?

  • We will start with a free phone consultation to assess whether we are a good fit for starting an assessment.
  • Assessments will usually require several sessions and may require that you and/or your child complete surveys and answer questions during interviews. Additional testing, such as cognitive testing or academic achievement testing, may be needed as well. I will work with you and your family to determine the best plan possible.
  • After testing is complete, I will work on a report to summarize the findings of the assessment. We will then meet again to discuss all of the findings and answer any questions that you may have.


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Note: Please note that many of these questions and answers are general in nature and may vary depending on each family’s individual needs and situation.